SKI Services

Orthopaedics, like any other medical specialty today, is too vast to master. Thus, the evolution of Subspecialty interests whereby practitioners can devote their time and effort towards absorbing global advancements and developing skills in a particular field.

For those practitioners, institutions and organizations where Specialist Shoulder & Knee Management is required, or needs to be developed, SKI helps with a custom built program.

This might range from simply performing a few surgeries to establishing a Specialist Unit.

The practitioner/institution benefits by simultaneously training and gaining from our surgeon and the essence of the institution (such as Indraprastha Apollo) that he brings with him.

When required, a team would visit your hospital and demonstrate and perform relevant surgery which might range from open / mini open / arthroscopic / replacement work involving the Shoulder or Knee. A detailed post operative plan would be given to ensure that the patient benefits from standarised, well studied protocols.


We would help institutions develop specialist surgeons or establish Specialist Units where such procedures would be performed with ease after a period of time.

Central to such a training commitment is a belief that the masses in India must have access to Specialist Orthopaedic Care.
We can establish SKI Sports Management Units at Sports Institutions and Stadiums providing a dedicated specialist team on regular visits
The "SKI Sports at School" Programme can help nurture champion teams and individuals.
The "SKI Corporate Assist" provides a healthy, more efficient and productive workforce.