SKI Sports

SKI Sports consists of a team of professionals which would look after various facets which play a significant role in performance at any level. Whether it be the young enthusiast who wants to make it big, the amateur sportsman who is looking at improving his performance to enter the professional league, the professional sportsman who needs to maintain and better himself or simply the recreational sportsman – we passionately believe in supporting them with the best expertise which compares well globally.

As a group of like-minded specialists (doctors, physiotherapists, kinesologists, psychologists, physical trainers and nutritionists) we believe in a team approach to our inexorable endeavour to implement global best practice. Our specialists have all had different education, training and specialist interests, and the sum of all our experiences results in a comprehensive knowledge of the science and medicine of sports injuries and athletic performance. Led by Dr Amit Misra, a Specialist Knee & Shoulder Surgeon, with extensive training and experience in the U.K. and Australia over 8 years, the team has personal experiences of managing sports enthusiasts at various levels. These experiences have provided us with a unique understanding of the challenges facing professional athletes. The principles of sports medicine as applied at the elite level can be just as effective for ordinary individuals in their everyday life. Whether you have torn a ligament in the last few minutes of a match, have a nagging backache or inexplicable physical discomfort while working or playing sport, we have the time to listen, the proficiency and the absolute commitment to get you back to your best.


SKI Sports is a specialist sports medicine practice dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems - and the enhancement of performance.

We believe the greatest sporting achievements of any individual are efforts of pure will. But injury or strain can hinder even the toughest of individuals and make any athlete feel vulnerable. The unwavering commitment of SKI Sports to your health and well-being can help you through these challenging moments no matter what the pressure.

SKI Sports has the expertise, experience and determination to deal with your sports injuries and work with you through the entire rehabilitation process. Our aim is to return you to your chosen activities, whether it be at work or at play, stronger and more capable than ever before.

Prevention being better than cure, we encourage regular screening for physiological weaknesses that may lead to injury, and help you work with doctors, physiotherapists, trainers and coaches to eliminate them. If an injury should occur, we ensure that your condition is swiftly assessed and treated by uniquely trained and qualified sports injury specialists. No matter how great or small your problem may be, our focus is on your performance. The service is elite, but the approach is holistic - we treat everyone, enthusiastically, the same!

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  • Sports Physiotherapists
  • Sports Kinesologists
  • Sports Nutritionists
  • Sports Psychologists