Indians are social, hospitable and family oriented. Traditionally it has been practice to live with, look after and respect the elderly at home. However, economic growth and monumental progress comes with a price. The young population is engaged in busy schedules and stressful jobs. They have significant disposable incomes, but little time to sit and listen to their elderly. A visit to a doctor for Mum might upset the entire schedule of a busy executive in a multinational. If Mum requires an admission in hospital, all havoc might break loose!! Youngsters are torn apart between traditional Indian values and a Western work culture.

Our Elderly patients are pampered with care and respect. Any modality or help which is required as part of their medical management (be it preoperative blood tests or post operative rehabilitation, medicine delivery, dressing changes, suture removal or occupational help) is provided at home if need be. A detailed plan is set out before any procedure. Any logistical help required is provided such that such patients do not have to go through the agony of running around. The involvement of the family in medical help is kept to a bare minimum. Family members, of course, play an important morale boosting role.

Pain Management is something which is taken very seriously at . Surgical procedures or Rehabilitation are made as pleasurable an experience as possible. For example, our Continous Mobile Pain Delivery System & Manual Physiotherapy Techniques, make Replacement Surgery an absolutely painless experience. Such practices help the patient recover well and keep motivation levels high. A well motivated patient recovers much faster.

Medical Advice for Elderly patients under our care is just a phone call away. Preliminary telephonic advice helps many to achieve a comfortable state such that they can make their way to the Clinic. The presence of a very experienced and renowned Physician at the Clinic, makes it a one stop medical centre for such patients avoiding unnecessary hassle.