Centrally located adjacent to the famous Peer Baba at Atta & Max Hospital, yet in a serene backdrop, SKI Clinic at E 325A Sector 27, Noida, provides a Specialist Shoulder & Knee Service. Pain management, Physical Therapy, Non Surgical & Surgical Advice is available under Dr Amit Nath Misra's guidance every evening. Also available are Braces and Orthotics which help support injured joints. Literature and guidance on Surgical Procedures of the Shoulder & Knee including Arthroscopy & Replacement Surgery is freely available. Access to a database helps patients interact with people who have benefited from the clinic after treatment for similar procedures - self help groups.

Several patients visiting the clinic are due for Replacement Surgery. Such respected Senior Citizens do at times suffer from other ailments. Such ailments that might need attention before or after surgery, or need to be managed irrespective of surgery, are looked at by an experienced and well reputed physician, Dr. Madhur Rastogi

Sportspersons & patients with ligament injuries require special attention. Specialist Shoulder & Knee Physical Therapy is an ill recognised, albeit vital aspect of patient care. Several patients bypass the need for surgery by becoming “functionally better”. Others reap the true benefits of surgery by expert manual techniques of rapid joint mobilisation and muscle strengthening. Proprioception (joint position) training and selective gradual strengthening are pivotal following ligament reconstructions. Similarly,

Exercises involving the shoulder blade (not pursued by run of the mill physiotherapists) play an important role in avoiding surgery or improving the outcome post operatively. SKI has Specialist Physiotherapists at various locations - Dr Prateek Gupta at Faridabad & Noida, Dr Kunal Gaur at South Delhi & Dr Rahul Gaur at East Delhi & Ghaziabad.

A Home Care programme is provided for the Elderly (especially after replacements) and needy patients whereby physical therapy, occupational help, dressing changes & stitch removals could be done.
A Pain Management programme is followed in appropriate patients which might involve injections, machine based therapies and at times the involvement of an Anaesthetist specialising in pain allievating techniques.
The Objective of the Clinic is to make you comfortable using the most modern expertise & techniques available globally.

Recognising the paucity of skills and the economic background of many, Dr Misra is involved in significant charity work. No patient is denied his skills on economic grounds. Everyone is helped according to their respective circumstances.